My Recent Projects

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Fence Replacement:

Tear down of old fence and build new fence along with fresh paint.

Backsplash and Island Refresh:

Replaced kitchen backsplash and updated island with shiplap

Wall Reconfigure

Knocked out and refinished part of two walls to open office space up.  

Flooring Replacement:

Removed old flooring and installed new LVP flooring in entire basement

Deck Refresh:

Stripped, sanded, stained and sealed backyard deck

Closet Makeover:

Removed wire shelving, installed new closet system and painted  

Chiropractor Adjustment Bays:

Constructed, painted, and trimmed out new adjustment bays for Chiropractor

Railing Makeover:

Stripped and sanded railing and refreshed with gel stain

Office Space Remodel:

Removed closet, drywalled, painted, and laid new flooring to create office space